Wheel Alignment SkokieNeglecting a wheel alignment can make your drive in Skokie costly. There’s nothing more frightening than driving down the road and your vehicle begins to shake or veer in a direction all on its own. This typically means your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment. At McCormick Auto Care we specialize in tire installation and wheel alignment for the Skokie area. Our alloy wheel-changing machine is the best on the market to ensure that your vehicle is always aligned properly. We also have the latest technology in our 4-wheel alignment rack and computerized wheel balancer.

McCormick Auto Care has been family owned and operated for more than 40 years. Most of our technicians are ASE certified to ensure that your vehicle is trusted to a trained professional. We believe that a hassle free experience is important in customer service and that’s what you’ll get with us. We believe that trust, integrity, reliability and quality are all very important and you are guaranteed to get just that. So if you are in need of a reputable tire shop, contact McCormick Auto Care today and let us get you back out on the road with a smile.

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