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Your vehicle's steering & suspension system is responsible for the handling of your car and how smooth it drives. Even if you are driving on new roads, your vehicle still sustains shocks from the wheels motion, harming your suspension system over time. It is important to repair or replace worn components of your suspension systems as they can affect the stability & control of your vehicle. This also impacts the wear & tear of your tires, as poor-maintained suspension can cause your tires to wear-out prematurely. The steering system is important when it comes to handling your vehicle, so properly maintaining it is very important. It is what keeps your car from veering to the side of the road. This is important with newer vehicles and the applications of ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Shocks & Struts
Shocks and struts are part of your car's suspension system. They help to absorb bumps in the road and keep your car stable. If your shocks or struts are worn out, it can cause your car to bounce and sway, making it difficult to control. It can also cause premature wear on your tires. At McCormick Auto Care, we will check your shocks & struts, and if they need replacing, then we will help you choose the right ones for your vehicle.

Steering & Suspension Evaluation
Has steering become a little more difficult than usual? Then it is time to bring your car into your vehicle in McCormick Auto Care to get your steering & suspension evaluated. We will take a good look at everything and let you know if you need anything replaced or repaired.

Steering & Suspension Repairs
Steering & suspension systems are highly complex and made out of many parts, all of which could be either worn or damaged, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by an expert technician. There are several reasons why your steering & suspension system may be failing. At McCormick Auto Care, our steering & suspension evaluation includes the inspection of all suspension parts, shocks, struts, & coils, as well as steering components, such as tie rods, rack & pinion steering gear & power steering pumps. We will give you a detailed report to highlight the issues that take priority, before they lead to dangerous driving conditions.

Upgrading to new shocks and struts can provide several benefits for your vehicle's performance, safety, and overall driving experience. Shocks and struts are crucial components of your vehicle's suspension system, and they play a significant role in maintaining control, stability, and comfort while driving. If you suspect that your vehicle's shocks and struts are worn or damaged, it's a good idea to have them inspected by McCormick Auto Care and replace them if necessary to enjoy these advantages. Call & schedule an appointment today!

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